how to fix Partision not found / Grub Error or remove ubuntu

Okay, I know some people are going to have a cow because I’m posting this. But the truth is, there are a lot of people trying Ubuntu along with windows 7. people who have attempted to remove Ubuntu with out deleting all partitions of ubuntu are left with this grub error .my friend recently faced with this and asked my help to fix this this is a common problem faced by many so i am posting a solution on how fix this

So……for all of you who have a dual-boot system and are looking to remove Ubuntu for now, here are some tips. NEVER NEVER NEVER just remove the Ubuntu partitions – you won’t be able to boot Windows because the information pointed to by your master boot record will be gone. Instead, follow these easy steps:

(1) Boot you Windows installation
(2) Click on this link Get Mbrfix
(3) Download the program, unzip it and copy it to your root folder (I’ll assume c:)
(4) Open up the command prompt in Windows by going to start/accessories/command prompt
(5) Type:
cd and press “Enter”
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes and press “Enter”

*PLEASE NOTE* The above assumes your boot device is device 0 – if you are not sure on this please post for help.

(6) Close the command prompt window

*PLEASE NOTE* The following assumes you want to get rid of your Ubuntu partitions and resize you Windows partition(s) to take up that space. If you do not wish to do so, you can stop now.

(7) Put your Ubuntu LiveCD back in the CD drive and reboot your PC so the the Ubuntu desktop comes up
(8) On the Ubuntu desktop, look at the top menu bar and go to applications/accessories/terminal
(9) When the terminal Window comes up type:
sudo gparted and press “Enter”

This brings up the disk manager. You want to:

(a) delete all non-Windows partitions
(b) resize your Windows partition to be larger (optional – you may want to leave this alone so you can
come back and try Ubuntu again! )

(10) When you have finished deleting the Ubuntu partitions, just restart your PC, removing the CD from the
drive before it boots again.

If everything went correctly, your PC should just automatically boot Windows. Note that on the first boot of Windows after you have changed the disk (especially if you resized the Windows partition), Windows may run a chkdsk – this is normal and should be ok.

If you have already deleted you Linux partitions and are getting grub errors, please try this as suggested by this user (thanks for the neat addition!!)

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Re: HowTo: Remove Ubuntu (& Restore Windows)


If you delete the ubuntu partitions without running mbrfix then you can use the ubuntu LiveCD to restore the master boot record by:

1. Booting from the ubuntu LiveCD
2. Enabling universe repositories – launch System->Administation->Software Sources and check the “Community maintained Open Source software (universe)”
3. Installing the “ms-sys” package – click Applications->Accessories->Terminal and type “sudo apt-get update” and then “sudo apt-get install ms-sys”.
4. Finally restore the Windows master boot record by entering the command “ms-sys -w /dev/[drive]”, where [drive] is the hard disk whose Windows master boot record you want to restore. You can find out which this is by launching gparted (System->Administration->GNOME Partition Editor) and cycling through the available drives until you find your Windows partition

– – – – –

Hope this helps, and please let me know if anyone finds any errors. Also, for anyone using this post, “we” really hope you will come back to Ubuntu someday! Linux, and Ubuntu, will be waiting!


Trouble shooting:

If, after following this guide, you can not boot to Windows you may need to boot a live CD and manually delete the Ubuntu partition (making it unpartitioned space, adding it to the Windows partition, or formatting it to FAT/NTFS). Additionally you need to be sure the MBR is set for Windows. You will need to search the forums for more help on that. In addition, the following Microsoft articles may be of help:

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