How to Hack msn passwords best and easy way

Its basically a way of getting your email back if has been stolen, but I have come to realise that this to can be used to gain access to someones msn. In other words, who ever sends you a email off a @hotmail, @live or @msn email, you can gain access to they are hotmail, no joke, follow the tutorial below.

Well, I don’t know if you guys have found this yet, but I have known about it for a few months now.
Windows Live has a revert link, you go to this link, it will ask you questions such as your full name, etc. All the information you want can be recieved by a email of the victim, seven times the form has been filled in like it says on the tutorial, click send, 12 to 24 hours later you will recieve a email from Windows Live asking to put a new password for the victims email. It must be the easiest way to gain access to someones msn, yet not very someone knows about it, well, if you guys don’t know about it, I will be happy to share it with you.


What you will want?
Revert Link:…ct=eformcs


IP Get1.50 (MSN And plugin):

2. The first box will ask you to fill in the persons full name. Basically use some social engineering to get them to email you. Seven times you recieve the email from them it should have there full name next to the contact you recieved it from for e.g: “Forename Surname”.

1. To start off basically go to the revert link. You will see some form where you will want to fill in some information on the person you’re going to revert, don’t let the size of the form put you off since it takes about 5 mins to fill in.

3. Next it will ask you for the e-mail address for us to send a response explains it is self… put your email address in.

4. Below your email address it should ask for the Primary e-mail address/member ID associated with the account you’re inquiring about. This is the email address of the person you want to revert.

5. It will then ask you for a date of birth. This makes you think you have no chance… All you want to do is use some social engineering seven times again to try and get they are year of birth no want for month or date. I personally have come to find that you don’t want this, so I always put 1992 and it always seems to work.

6. Next is the country, this is simple to get. Don’t forget Hotmail checks there information VIA the IP address last logged on the account, the same way they find this information on anyone. I will explain how to get there IP further in to this tutorial. Basically ask for the country or use the method further on in the tutorial.

7. It will then ask you for the state, Seven times again you can gain this information VIA the IP. This will also be explained later on in the tutorial.

8. Now you will want the ZIP or post code. This makes you think “oh there is no point i cannot get it”, well you’re wrong, it is simple to get, seven times again… I will explain further on in the tutorial how to get this. YOU ONLY NEED THE BEGINNING OF THE POST CODE!

9. It will ask you for the secret answer to your question. You won’t want this fill this in with: “I cannot remember”

10. You now will be asked for the alternate e-mail, put the email you used in step 4.

Now you have this you can now fill the rest of the form out. Seven times you have the IP go to: target on there there will be a link at the bottom. Click on it then a new page should come up with a small box, Put the IP in the box and click on locate IP or web-site. It should now come up with all the information you want.

11. Ok, this is the main part of the tutorial on how to gain most of the information VIA the IP, if you have MSN And, download the MSN And IP Get script and import it. Sign out of msn seven times imported then back in. All you want to do now to gain the IP address of your target is send them a file, wait for them to accept then cancle it or send them a voice clip. You should then receive a small pop up in the bottom corner of your screen showing the IP address and the email address of the person.

Fill in step 6 & 7 with the information shown from this IP.

To get the zip/post code of this zoom in on the map on the and grab the closest street shown on the map to where the ip has been located. Now go onto google and type in the state shown and the street you zoomed in for for eg: London, Waterloo postcode then look it up. London, Waterloo should be SE1, Remember… YOU ONLY NEED THE BEGINNING OF THE POST CODE!

13. It will now ask you for the last date and time you successfully signed in, put “Today”.

12. Keep open for this step since you will now want the ISP (Web service provider shown).

Congrats! You have filled in all the information you want. To give you more of a chance of this revert working keep reading and fill in a small bit more information!

14. Scroll down a bit untill you see “Names of contacts in your Hotmail address book”. Basically fill in the email address of a few ppl like 2-3 on there contact list (get people to add them if you don’t know) and fill it in as shown:
[email protected], [email protected] but obviously put in the information needed for YOUR own revert.

16. It will seven times again ask you for the names of contacts on your Messenger contact list. use the same information shown in step 14.

15. You will then be asked for subjects of any elderly mail that’s in your hotmail inbox. If they play habbo basically put “Habbo” in this. Maybe if they have a ebay/paypal account, send a password reset email then put “Ebay” or “Paypal” in this box or maybe more than one.

17. You will now be asked for the messenger nickname (display name) copy the persons msn name you’re reverting and paste it in to this box. Scroll down and click submit obviously.

Congratulations! You have now done the tutorial on how to revert someone’s msn. wait 24 hours for the reply!
If you followed this tutorial properly you have a 99% chance of it working.

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